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This page is a translated version of the page Загрузчик Прайс-Листов для Windows and the translation is 100% complete.

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Why is it needed?

This program will help treat the price list under the format of the site.

System requirements

Operating system: Windows OS
MS Office - does not require activation!!
The program is tested on Windows XP, 7. 8, 2003, 2007 MS Office XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013

The principle of operation

This is a simple and easy way to download price sheet in your online Store of spare parts. And price lists of your suppliers.

It works - a simulation of your actions with tables price lists (processing price list). You create a template for just one supplier. And this pattern download it price lists.

These price lists to boot into the store with the required data on the price and terms of delivery times. A convenient feature of substitutions and replacements – make a price list for your business objectives.

The handler works on your computer, enables you have installed Microsoft Excel. So we have achieved a high degree of fault tolerance, in comparison with the decisions made under the web server on Unix platforms. Have a problem with processing formats from Microsoft.

Received the most costeffective architecture:

-Process Files using a Microsoft product on your computer.

-Made Accommodation site - more economical and more stable by placing it on Unix servers. On this platform, located some 90% of all sites on the Internet.

Installation and operation


For the version of the platform for YII Файл:Zapscript price manager yii.zip


1. Download to his section of the administration program "Download manager Price list ZapScript for Windows" 2. Extract the archive to the working folder of the program in any convenient place. In the folder with the work program should be full rights. 3. Run the file .exe. After the first run the program, you are prompted to make the data store:
Zagr1 en.png
Server address, domain address without http, www, and other characters, for example:


Login, login on the administration section, for example:

Pass: my_pass.
If the data is correct, can not connect, check the law must be "Administrator" user rights
Admin prava en.png

Login, login on the administration section, for example:

pass: my_pass 4. After connecting to the site, you will see a graphical interface:
Zagr2 en.png
5. By clicking on "Settings", you will see the boot loader configuration, there will your data from the store, but loaded with warehouses.
Zagr3 en.png
You can place or remove the checkmark in the warehouses which need to be removed when loading all previously downloaded price lists.

This is a handy feature to automatically clean the warehouses of the old data.

This is a handy feature to automatically clean the warehouses of the old data.

6. Creating a Template price lists for the supplier. 6.1 Go to the point - "Patterns of prices" in this section how you can create a template for the price list auto parts store, and remove it
Zagr4 en.png
6.2 Click "Add"
Zagr5 en.png
Template name-name pattern.

Name the file-Copy the file name, the program will suggest a template name.

Stok - select a warehouse where it will be loaded Spare parts price list.

Now you need to open on the price list provider, and fill pattern example:
Zagr6 en.png
We see that these begin with 2-line set

Number of the first row of data: 1

Type - excel (can be identified by the file extension)

Number plates - number of sheets with the data, the default field can not touch.

Speaker settings - we arrange the columns - the ratio of the data:
Zagr7 en.png

However, odds, margin on car parts

"'!! Subsequently replaced by price groups, which are taken from the site shop"'
Before starting price groups, configure them, a description of the settings: [1]

Margin - field to set margins on auto parts, for different groups of users shop. Ie With them, you can add to the price of the suppliers price, and vice versa. Do skid full-time program for buyers of auto parts.

The principle is simple: the price of the supplier X margin

And at the end of the menu "Shipping" - adds to the field of integers deliver your provider.
Warning !! - Delivery not "delivery charge" is not put lzya Delivery " '1.2' " of the day, as the program does not understand what action is necessary to make algarifmicheskoe.
The program sends these fields to the site, and the site is already defines how to work with them.
Zagr8 en.png
Substitutions - in this field you can put the replacement of information, for example you want to remove from the price of the symbols "p", respectively, you bet:
Zagr9 en.png
Substitutions empty - the item is made to replace those fields price list in which there is no information.

After completion of the template - click "Save"

Aftermarket Template

The store may upload their Aftermarket and use other sources. 7. Creating a Aftermarket pattern.

Optionally, for a price list, if they are in the price, and you want to unload them.

By analogy with the patterns of price lists Spare parts, go to the "Templates crosses" and click "Add"
Zagr10 en.png
By analogy with templates price sheets, exhibiting attributes a price.

Select the data on the introduction of Aftermarket:
Zagr11 en.png
Zagr12 en.png
After filling in the fields click "Save"

Load price lists, update

8. Download the price list and Aftermarket. By setting time vendor, you can download it price list - pressing 3 buttons:
Zagr13 en.png

Zagr14 en.png
1.Nazhimaem "Add" button

2. Indicate price list that you want to download.

Click "to process and send"

And your price with the correct settings in your store.
Zagr15 en.png
9. For the convenience of the transfer price sheet templates, you can use the "export" and "import" templates. By pressing the buttons you can save the template and send it to the example of a colleague, who in turn will be able to download it and work with it.

System requirements:

Windows, MS Office

The program is tested on Windows XP, 7. 8, 2003, 2007 MS Office XP, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013

Attention! MS Office should not have a problem with licensing and work smoothly.

For developers and programmers

Note the installation script on the server:

Frequently asked questions

What to do if you have a price list there is no column with the time?

In this case, in the template, select an empty column (column) in the price list. And in "replace the blank" in the term of delivery check the delivery for this price list.

What if in the price list no speakers - Manufacturer, Brand, etc.?

In the settings template price list, select an empty column. Then in the "Replace Empty", in the "Manufacturer" - set the default value of the brand, the manufacturer who should write for price list.

What to do if the price list specified currency value, for example in the price of mime figures are letters (RUB)?

In this case - to use the settings templates price list - the tab "Substitute". Set the value that is to replace and how. For example rub in column price for nothing. Then the word rubles will be remote from the price list.

What to do if the list price in another currency?

In this case you can download the price list in the currency, but with the help of the coefficients or price groups - to establish the rate at which the program will recalculate prices, leading them to the current currency. For example, the price list in US dollars, exchange rate of 35 rubles. Then for example when using the odds exhibit mark 35, ie We will be multiplied by that number. If you should add your mark-up, the rate of increase.

The file is processed but not sent to the server

Sometimes the server can not accept long file names or file names in the Cyrillic alphabet. Recommended - rename the file.

Do not valid file format

It is often pointed out in the template file format that otlichaetsya from the real file format. When this oshbki - check the file format.

Uploaded fewer positions than processed

The File: 60,000 positions, but loaded 18
[Success] Imported 18 entries from E: \ Prices \ price.xlsx tab №1
[Success] files uploaded to the server: 1

Check the correctness of the filling in the template, most likely an important field is at a blank column in the price.
The program reads the data, see the empty stroyaki understands that the price is over and is no longer loaded.

Error connection: username and password are not true

Check the username and password, if they are true, are identical, and that the entrance to the administration section, check the user's rights. Work with the program is entitled -Administrator. How to set up law - see here Rights Assignment

Not all articles are loaded, missing data

In rare cases, the program can not understand the data in the cells of the file Exel, we recommend re save the file as CSV - separated by commas.
The snap-in Microsoft Exel: File-> Save As window to bottom looking for: CSV - comma-separated
Then right pattern set format CSV, repeat the download.

When you open the program, it is necessary to introduce the new templates, data authentication

Very often, users run the program from the archive after the closure of the program in the archive is not possible to save files to change the data.
Therefore, at the next start - asking them to enter the new.
Please before starting work - unzip the program into a folder and run the program from it.

Error "Unable to load data to the server"

Can voznikanut platform YII
Screen error:
Err no otpr file en.png
Not filled in the template price groups:
Koef zapoln cen pol en.png
Fill these groups and try again.

The same error may occur when there is insufficient memory or processing time of PHP scripts on the server.
The solution: increase the memory.

Data from the file "mixed"

If you see something that in some fields the data from the price list.
Autozag smeh dan en.png
Check the correctness of the downloaded file, there were cases that the supplier price list says "by enter", the example numbers:
Trubl autozag en.png
When data processing - software understands it as a new line - a new position:
On the part of the price of the program is seen here so:
Autozag prog err en.png
The correct data:
Autozag prav zagr en.png